What does my future hold…

So yesterday was my award ceremony, where I got given all my GCSE certificates, where all my hard work and effort finally seemed to be completely over.

Now I’m in college, doing a childcare course, the course I’ve always wanted to do and in that course we do a placement in a school. I’m in an infant school with a year 1 class and up until this placement I thought this was what I wanted to do. But now I’m not too sure, it’s made me realise that even though I was fixed on that idea for so long, nobody knows what the future holds for them.

Maybe I’ll be a teacher, maybe I’ll be a kids club rep that sounds like something I’d love to do, or maybe I won’t end up working with children at all. Who knows?

All I know is this… If you really want something and you work hard enough for it then you will achieve it, I’ve learnt that myself.

ToInfinityAndBeyond xoxox




Hello readers and welcome to this blog! My name is Shannon and I’ve created this blog to release my thoughts and feelings to the world. I don’t know how much this blog will help me, but I’m hoping to communicate with some of you.
Here’s a bit of info about me: I’m 17 years old, I’m british, I’m a vegetarian, I am a lesbian and have a lovely girlfriend, I have anxiety problems unfortunately and have a very non interesting life but a lot to talk about!
Hopefully you will enjoy this blog and I will post something every day,

ToInfinityAndBeyond xoxox